Current Favorites by AMC

It’s still quite chilly here in Northern New York but the calendar says it’s Spring. Spring’s late arrival is not going to stop me from breaking out my brighter colors, light jackets, and peep toe booties and tuck the sweaters and Uggs away! As I have said before, I adore online shopping. I find cute pieces that no one else has and I am able to find things I love rather than just buying it because it’s the only option.

I don’t know why but I am currently in an unhealthy relationship with stripes. Anything stripes I have to buy it. All that nonsense and fashion “rules” about stripes make you wider, blah, blah, blah…who cares? If you like it, buy it- that’s my motto. So, here we go, here are some of my current favs!


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It’s smart to keep a number of just basic tees or tanks to layer with cardigans, blazers, and light jackets which is one of my all time favorite looks. Mix and match colors and patterns and see what works/what doesn’t work. I love spring, I love the symbolism of it as a fresh new beginning and that’s what I love to do with my wardrobe. Since this is Northern New York, the dresses and skirts will come at a later time because for me personally it is WAY too cold for that right now. If you hover over the images you will see where they’re from. Let me know if you love these boutiques as much as I do.

**All photos are property of their stores/websites, not me**



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2 thoughts on “Current Favorites by AMC

  1. I LOVE your looks!! You always put together the cutest outfits! Super inspiring to try things I wouldn’t normally think to 😉 I have loved watching your journey getting healthier too! You are looking great girl! Just to tell you 💕

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