Accessorized with Kinsley Armelle

We’ve made it to FriYAY! To everyone that doesn’t have the luxury to have weekends off, bless you because you’re awesome. I wanted to share with you all my hands down, absolute favorite, best accessory store ever. Kinsley Armelle  this brand features the most stunning druzzy jewelry and above anything else… it’s AFFORDABLE! The uniqueness combined with affordability makes this jewelry unbeatable. Another quality they have is that every piece of jewelry is made right here in the USA, specifically in Texas. I don’t know about anyone else but that “Made in the USA” piece has become important to me.

Once you go on Kinsley’s site and fall in love with EVERYTHING use my discount code which is ARIKA15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Best part is that you can use this code every. single. time you shop with them.

Let’s get into it! Check out this absolutely stunning collection I’ve acquired.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

KA stack towerI love the ability of having a stack of bracelets that I can pair with any outfit whether it’s sophisticated or casual.

One can never have too many stacks 😉

The options are literally endless with the amount of combinations you could put together and that’s exactly what I love. I am getting pretty close to owning almost every bracelet and I am pretty proud of that. Jewelry is the best because it always fits and it can change an outfit in an instant.


KA outfit and jewlsHow to Style your KA

For me, Friday’s are about comfort. Actually scratch that because everyday is about comfort for me but I balance it all out with adorable accessories and cute, comfy tops. Today’s Outfit Details… To- Vici and I’m just obsessed with it. All my jewelry is from Kinsley Armelle. Necklace: Agate Collection- Smoky Necklace. Bracelets: Geode Collection-Slate Bracelet, Spike Collection-Gold Bling Bracelet, and Eternity Collection-Coal Bracelet. Ring: Spike Collection-Gold Bling Ring. Leggings and Shoes are courtesy of my favorite boutique-Dottie Couture. Honestly, I think the styles from Kinsley are so versatile you could throw on 3-4 bracelets and they’d go together perfectly.

So since it’s payday for most people, go to Kinsley Armelle’s website that I linked above and spend some money on yourself. You will not be disappointed! Don’t forget to use my code ARIKA15 for a 15% off discount! If you’re local contact me about my Kinsley & Kocktails event next Friday.

“No matter what may be happening in the world around you, you can always find something to thank God for. Gratefulness and faith go hand in hand. When we are grateful, it shows that our faith is in Him.” -Joel Osteen
What are you grateful for today?






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