Super Bowl Sunday & Manic Monday

Typically, Monday’s don’t give me too much havoc but yesterday was that once a year Monday that put me right through the ringer. The ill-fated events included: waking up late, hurting my dogs front paw, losing my phone, locking my keys in my car, and almost being involved in a car accident.

Max- the sweetest snuggle baby ever. Photo taken numerous years ago.

Yesterday was also the anniversary of our other dog, Max, passing. Anyone who is an extreme pet owner like myself knows just how difficult it can be when they pass away. When I hurt Bono’s paw yesterday and had to hear the horrible screeching from him and see that he couldn’t put any weight on it, I was just done with the day. I cried but I put my faith in God to carry me through the rest of the day.

Bono at work after a disastrous morning and a hurt paw.

Thankfully, coffee and a Facebook message to my Mom (because I couldn’t find my phone *insert eye roll) letting me know that Bono was alright made me realize it was time to change the Monday attitude and get on with the day. I had two choices either be miserable and let Monday control me or shake it off and know that other people in the world have much larger problems than mine.


As you can see, the rest of my Monday was a bit off but it didn’t seem to bother me. I locked my keys in my car but thankfully my trunk was unlocked, I was almost in a car accident but I wasn’t. Even though things happened throughout the rest of the day there was a little bit of grace/divine intervention that saved me from an even worse day.



I know this saga is extensive but throughout the whole day I kept reminding myself that “it’s not that bad, other people in the world are struggling with bigger issues than you, and God will bring you through this day.” After numerous prayers He sure as heck did bring me through and then I was reminded that I was blessed to even have another day to live.




Super Bowl Sunday

I don’t know about anyone else but I was really pulling for Atlanta to win. They had it right in the palm of their hands but they just let it go. Anyway, we had a pre Super Bowl party. If you read my last blog post, I was making 3 recipes for Sunday; Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, BBQ Chicken Cauliflower Crust Pizza, and Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower. Well here’s how they turned out


I have to be real with you and confess that all of these we absolutely delicious! I love hummus and it’s so easy to make. I made a few adjustment to the recipe I added 3 roasted red peppers instead of 2, omitted the Tahini, and added a hair more garlic. Delish! The cauliflower crust pizza was beyond delicious. I cannot wait to make it again and not have to share with anyone. Lastly, buffalo cauliflower which perfectly satisfied the craving for chicken wings. The only adjustment I would make next time is to get them a bit crispier and throw them under the broiler for a few minutes. All in all, healthy Super Bowl went off without a hitch. I received 5-star reviews especially from two of my trainers at the gym.. Bonus points!! The recipes are all linked in my previous post from last Friday. Try them, I’d never recommend anything to you unless I personally love it.

Have a positive and blessed week. Remember that you can make it through anything you may be facing. Be kind to one another because you never know what they may be facing. Be someone’s miracle today.



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