AMC’s Style Exposed

On a day to day basis I am constantly asked, “where’d you get your shirt from, where’d you get your shoes, I love your necklace where’s it from,etc.” My answer is invariably small local boutiques, online boutiques especially my absolute fav boutique- Dottie Couture. Where I live in New York, it’s rural and there isn’t a ton of shopping destinations, not one’s that I connect with at least. This is why I most commonly turn to online shopping, I hunt and seek out cute boutiques featuring unique styles that no one in my town will have a duplicate of. So, let’s hash out my all time favorite brands and shops for clothing, jewelry, and shoes:

  1. Clothing- I am pretty devoted to online boutiques so what I don’t buy from online is from TJ Maxx. I’d say the ratio of boutique clothing to TJ is about 80:20. My style, my sister says, is “boho chic.” I have an obsession with all things flowy, rustic, and country inspired. I look for pieces that are feminine and trendy but unique at the same time. My favorite boutique Dottie Couture (linked above), is my go to and I cannot live without their daily new arrivals. There is at least three new arrivals daily that I could purchase. I truly can’t explain how much I love this boutique.
  2. Shoes- I have a pretty immense attraction to ALL. THE. BOOTIES currently. I just cannot get enough right now! I think it’s because we haven’t really had too much snow and I can get away with wearing super cute short boots and not uggs or snow boots because I have no other choice. Anyways, some of my favorite brands are Steve Madden as well as anything on the shelves at Nordstrom Rack or DSW. Those two stores can just take all my money… Am I right?
  3. Jewelry- Honestly, until recently I was not a big jewelry person. I would just wear simple earrings and maybe a watch but, I kinda got tired of that. My best friend who lives in Alabama has the best jewelry collection and a necklace/earring combination for every outfit and I always thought, I wanna be more like that. I stumbled upon Kinsley Armelle and since then became a brand ambassador with them. When you use the website I linked above and then use code ARIKA15 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your entire purchase! Everything on the website I could just die over. Every piece works seamlessly with my entire wardrobe and the stacks I’ve created are just so pretty. So affordable too so do yourself a favor and check it out. NOW.

Good Works Make A Difference is the sweetest inspirational and motivational jewelry             site ever. I received 3 bracelets and a ring from them for Christmas and I adore them.             They are trendy but also remind me to keep God as the center of my life and trust in                 His plan. On top of being cute, the company also donates 25% of net proceeds towards           good cause, which you can read more about when you got to the website, linked above.

Outfit Details:

Camo Jacket- Kiki La Rueac-blog-post-12517

Grey Top- Target

Leggings- Dottie Couture

Bracelets- Kinsley Armelle & Good Works

Earrings- Handmade

*Disclaimer- please disregard the bag of hangers in the photo, still attempting to organize the apartment.


In my upcoming blogs, I will post outfits and hash out some of my beauty routine and favorite products. Enjoy your Wednesday and have a blessed rest of the week.



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